Richmond Classic Walking Tour

Immerse yourself in the relaxed magic of leafy Richmond on this historical and cultural walk with glorious riverside, an iconic view, remarkable history, royal heritage and rock stars. It’s hard to imagine you are still in London with all this green space.

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Twickenham Classic Walking Tour

Old Twickenham bristles with character and hidden gems. Stroll by the retreat of Britain’s greatest landscape painter, the homes of French royal exiles and a royal mistress. Meet the saucy ‘Naked Ladies’ and see quirky Eel Pie Island.

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Kew & Brentford Walking Tour

Contrast sedate Hanoverian Kew and post-industrial Brentford on this interest packed walk. Hear about pitched battles, growers, gasworks and regeneration. Thread your way through a miniature water world of canals, historic boatyards and working waterfronts.

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Chiswick & Hammersmith
Walking Tour

Discover time-warped riverside villages and malls lined with magnificent mansions, a famous landscaped garden and wooded river islands. Pass a plethora of blue plaques and historic pubs. Hear tales of hauntings, smuggling, rowing and radical socialists.

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Kew, Brentford & Richmond
Walking Tour

Criss cross rivers, canals and creeks on a walk of extraordinary variety and history. Experience the unique character of sedate Kew and gritty Brentford. Stroll by a private stately home to a quaint riverside village, ending at the site of a Tudor palace.

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Richmond & Twickenham Riverside
Walking Tour

Meander along the most picturesque stretches of the Thames in London, crossing the river by ferry. Absorb the sublime scenery, wildlife, royal heritage and curiosities including sea nymphs and the home of UK rhythm and blues.

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